Monday, February 25, 2013

Mark Brewer for MVP of the Convention

Mark Brewer for MVP of the Convention

The delegates of the 2013 Spring Convention of the Michigan Democratic Party were VERY divided between the 18-year incumbent, Chairman Mark Brewer, and the challenger, Lon Johnson. I heard Mark Brewer speak several times in the caucuses and this Martin Luther King quote appears that have been his message to the convention:

There is no wrong time, to do the right thing.

Mark Brewer chose the time and then he did the right thing … he withdrew and asked the convention to do the right thing and support the new Party Chair, Lon Johnson.

I watched the delegates. Lon Johnson supporters cheered. But they were not just cheering for Lon Johnson’s victory. Their cheers were a heart-felt thanks to Mark Brewer. As Mark continued to speak, he received several more standing ovations and cheers from the entire delegations, including the many people who wore Lon Johnson colors.

In my opinion, Mark Brewer’s actions make him the Most Valuable Player of the Convention. There can be no doubt that he wanted to serve two more years and that he had strong support to do so but he put the interests of the Party ahead of his own desires; he did the right thing and there is no wrong time to do the right thing..

Mark Brewer continues to be both endeared to the Party membership and relevant to the Party’s future. Thank you Mark Brewer to the past, the present and the future.

High Expectations for Lon Johnson

The 2014 campaign season begins today! What does the Michigan Democratic Party expect of its new chair? We must win everywhere in the state of Michigan! The truth is that we will not win everywhere because we elected a new superstar to be state Chair; to win everywhere we have to be superstars everywhere and we have to find and recruit more superstars in every congressional district, county and voter precinct.

In short, I believe the reason that we elected new leadership is because we recognize that we need new follower-ship. It isn't just new (more) people that we need, but we need the people who have always been here to become new people.

One of my mottoes that you will see on the banner of this newsletter is, “Same old Democrats – Brand new activism!” That is what the Party members should expect of themselves as we begin the 2013-2014 election cycles. Not just a new Chair, but new membership, what Lon Johnson called the “politics of addition”.

The Progressive Caucus Will Be Relevant Again!

For the last two years I have wailed and wept over a Progressive Caucus that couldn't even bring its Facebook page up to date. This weekend we elected a new leadership team led by Chair Bob Alexander that is going to make our Caucus relevant in the 2013-2014 election cycle. In each congressional district, county and voter precinct we will find progressive Democrats that will be coordinators and co-coordinators for the grassroots effort that we need to beat the big-money machine of conservative politics.

Blue Tigers Rawr!

This periodic newsletter/blog is part of a much larger effort to report on and support progressive activities all over the state of Michigan. The Progressive Bloggers, also known as Blue Tiger Bloggers, adopted the 83-County Project. This project has been several years in the making by our Chair, Christine Barry.