Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Conservative Republicans Celebrate Labor Day

Support American Workers - Vote Republican!
MONROE, MI (August 30, 2014) - Most people have forgotten what it means to be conservative. The true meaning of the word is long lost in history. French rulers defended the social class division whereby some where the owners and the rest where their servants. The Latin compound word “conservative” literally means having servants and that is how the word came to be used politically.

Conservatives are quick to point out how hard owners work and how their success in life comes from their own hard work, but they are not so quick to notice how much of their success is the derived from the hard work of their servants and how little their servants benefit from the same hard work

I have been told that we are all very lucky that they let us work for them. They call themselves job creators and tell us that we are not so much their servants as their employees. But I can’t really tell the deference between an employee and a servant.

We are told that we should all be competing for the opportunity to be their servants and they call this “getting a job”. If we are unsuccessful in our search for jobs it isn’t their fault for failing to create jobs for us, it is our fault for failing to be more attractive candidates for servitude.

I guess it makes sense that conservative Republicans showed up and participated in the Labor Day Parade. After all, Republican owners generally benefit far more from the hard work done by servants than the servants themselves do. That seems like a good reason to celebrate!

Maybe if we are nice to them and vote Republican, they will create more jobs and let more of us be there servants?

But wait, Republicans already control all branches of government in Lansing and all they have done is reduce the taxes on owners and increase the taxes on servants. They have outsourced public services to the companies they own. And they have reduced government services for low income servants, unemployed servants and retired servants. They don’t even want to help pay for the education of their future servants!

Maybe the owners just need more time in office so they can accumulate enough wealth to where they will feel inclined to share some of it with the people who do the work that makes them wealthy?