Sunday, February 17, 2013

Walberg Shares Views with Monroe Evening News

Now would be a good time to read the recent article in Monroe Evening News by Charles Slat.

  1. Walberg wants a moratorium on any new environment rules on power plants and industries. Like so many Republicans, he is willing to sell the safety of workers and residents and the welfare of future generations for a short-term boost in profitability.
  2. Walberg thinks we don’t really need to reform gun laws; we just need to step up enforcement of existing gun laws. He probably hasn’t noticed but our law enforcers are pretty aggressive in the enforcement of gun laws. He also probably missed the part where the nation’s enforcers of gun laws are asking for reforms.
  3. Walberg is in favor of “legal” immigration; he just wants to make sure that there is no “legal” pathway for most immigrants. He is also big on border enforcement, but probably failed to notice that no president has been more aggressive in border enforcement that President Obama.
  4. Walberg thinks that the foundational principle of the Republican Party is limited government and equal rights. He probably forgets that the origins of the GOP are in a call of government to invest in infrastructure for westward expansion of business interests. It’s pretty hard for low and middle income people to be equal with the high and very-high income people who fund the GOP.
    Don’t even get me started on his assertion that the GOP is the party of personal responsibility and high moral values!
  5. Walberg thinks that he will fit in well with Monroe’s “very strongly religious community”. Many, if not most, sincerely religious people do not share his religious views. He is an Evangelical Protestant. Less than 1% of the population, whether they are religious or not, shares his sectarian views. On the other hand, 16% of Michigan’s population regard themselves as non-religious. Does Walberg represent all of us or just the 1% who share his religious views?

What would we give to have a Republican congressional representative who simply brought a different perspective to government? Instead, we are stuck with someone who is so far to the right that if you look left you can see his elbow on the horizon.