Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two Candidates for MDP State Chair

As we get closer to the MDP State Convention day, we need to be aware of who is seeking to be our Party’s next Chairperson. There are two candidates for the position: the incumbent Chair, Mark Brewer, and the challenger, Lon Johnson.

I’m fairly certain that I do NOT have a well-formed or qualified opinion on who would be the best person for the job. Our county Party Chairperson, Dan Minton, has joined at least 37 other county Party Chairs in endorsing Mark Brewer. The entire Michigan Congressional Democratic Delegation has endorsed Lon Johnson.

Labor is also split in its support with the Michigan Regional Association of Carpenters, the Michigan Education Association and others endorsing Brewer and the UAW, the Teamsters and others endorsing Johnson.

If I could borrow a couple of quotes form a Detroit Free Press article:

“Some people like Mark and many people don’t,” said Lansing political consultant Robert Kolt.
Johnson would be a “really dynamic presence, but I’m not sure we need a change,” said Lansing political consultant Joe DiSano. “And I haven’t seen anyone articulate a really good reason on why Mark has to go.”
Others say it’s time for a change …

Read the rest of the article, it does a fair job of introducing the candidates. Also, visit their web sites linked above. Then, let me know what you think.