Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Next Shift for Tony Trupiano

When I first met Tony, he was the host “First Shift with Tony Trupiano” on 1310 AM. When the radio station was sold, Tony moved to 1130 AM WDFN where he hosted “Night Shift with Tony Trupiano” until he announced his candidacy for State House of Representatives District 13.

I’m calling this the “Next Shift for Tony Trupiano”.

As I have traveled around the state, I have continuously found Tony there speaking for progressive causes in labor, education, the environment and social justice. Tony has been behind the microphone (or megaphone) on the steps of the capital building in Lansing many times. He was there with Occupy, he was there to oppose so-called Right-to-Work and he was there for the big rally to Save Michigan’s Public Schools.

Now I think it’s time that Tony had a voice inside the capitol building … on the floor of the State House of Representatives.

I don’t normally concern myself with districts outside of Monroe County or the 7th Congressional District but I’m making an exception for Tony because I think if elected he will be more than a voice for District 13, he will be a voice for all of us in the progressive movement.

I made my donation to support Tony Trupiano at an ActBlue™ fundraising page that I created for this campaign. Click here to make you secure, online donation to the Committee to Elect Tony Trupiano. Please help me achieve my personal goal of raising $500 for Tony.